5 Star Recommendation

Ron is an exceptional attorney and I’ve worked with quite a few attorneys over the years. He is thorough, responsive and most important, tenacious in pursuing a proper outcome. In our case, he helped our family resolve a difficult and potentially very expensive issue involving an error by a government agency that we could not get anywhere with on our own.

Ron quickly grasped the nature of the problem, came up with a plan and then went to work. He too met stiff resistance from the agency involved, but was undeterred. He eventually got the attention of a senior attorney and manager at the agency, presented our complaint in clear concise terms and within days the matter was resolved to our complete satisfaction..

Ron is the only reason things turned out as they did. Everyone else that we’d spoken with said we’d never prevail and we’d almost given up when Ron suggested we had a case and that he could help..We are forever thankful for his caring and help. It was a complete pleasure working with him – he’s no nonsense, clear in his communications and a true professional in every sense of the word. If you are looking for legal help, you will be in good hands with Ron. I don’t give 5 Star ratings easily, but in Ron’s case, it’s a no brainer- he is simply put – outstanding! ..